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Oil Seeds

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A seed is an embryonic plant enclosed in a protective outer covering called the seed coat, usually with some stored food. It is a characteristic of spermatophytes (gymnosperm and angiosperm plants) and the product of the ripened ovule which occurs after fertilization and some growth within the mother plant. The formation of the seed completes the process of reproduction in seed plants (started with the development of flowers and pollination), with the embryo developed from the zygote and the seed coat from the integuments of the ovule.

The term "seed" also has a general meaning that antedates the above—anything that can be sown, e.g. "seed" potatoes, "seeds" of corn or sunflower "seeds". In the case of sunflower and corn "seeds", what is sown is the seed enclosed in a shell or husk, whereas the potato is a tuber.


Peanuts, popularly known as groundnuts, monkey nuts, pig nuts, etc belong to the Fabaceae (bean) family. Peanuts, Arachis hypogaea is a legume species, and native to South America, Mexico and Central America. An annual herbaceous plant, that grows almost to ground level, with very slender stems, leaves that are opposite and pinnate with four leaflets, flowers that are pea-shaped, and fruits (legumes) that are basically seeds that sprout and mature underground. Presently, its cultivated world over in climates that are favorable for its growth; long warm periods and plenty of rain

Peanuts Health Benefits

Heart Healthy Fats : Peanuts contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that keep the heart healthy. A good level, of both; monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats results in lowering blood cholesterol levels, and thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases.

Proteins : Protein is essential to the health of our cells. The cells in our body are constantly being replaced and repaired. To ensue that the new cells are healthy, and the damaged ones are repaired well, we need protein. Peanuts are an extremely high source of plant protein. It should be regularly incorporated in diet for children, vegetarians and protein deficient people.

Minerals : A rich source of minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, calcium, sodium, etc, so needed by our body to function well, is ensured by a regular consumption of peanuts. Adequate supply of these minerals ensure a healthy heart, and ensure minimized risk of mineral deficient diseases.

Vitamins : Vitamins are important for overall growth and development. Vitamins ensure vital health for cells and tissues, and for fighting infections, etc, that in return ensure smooth functioning of our organs. Peanuts provide our body with essential vitamins, that also help in regulating metabolism, converting fat and carbohydrates into energy, and facilitating bone and tissue formation. A good source of folate, peanuts reduce the incidence of birth defects, and anemia related conditions.


The Groundnut Shelled offered by us is cultivated in tropical and sub tropical regions all over the world and can also be grown in warm temperate regions. We process these Groundnuts in a healthy and hygienic manner in order to retain its freshness and purity level.


- We handle and process only Gujarat origin sesame seed which is considered to be the best among all varieties world over.
- For crushing purpose we select appropriate grade of natural sesame seed good for crushing and clean it to 99.99% pure.
- We have state-of-the-art crushing and filtering equipments.
- We crush the sesame seeds at low temperature so that the natural aroma, nutritional values and characteristics of sesame oil
  remain intact.
- The oil is properly filtered to obtain its best possible appearance and purity.
- Our this quality product is clear “GOLDEN” and 100% pure


Hulled sesame seeds are considered as the most nutritious seeds because of its proteins and valuable minerals.They are processed in absolute germ - free & hygienic conditions.Our hulled sesame seeds are processed and re-cleaned in such a way that itââ‚â"¢s intrinsic richness, nutritionââ‚â"¢s and flavors remains in one piece & intact. Our hulled sesame seeds are produced in a manner that its original white color is sustained even after it is baked.They are sprinkled on breads as well.

Hulled Sesame seeds are nothing but sesame seeds without the outer husk. We specialize in exporting Hulled Sesame Seeds which are nutritious and rich in proteins & minerals. Before handling this hulling process we conduct various stages of cleaning the raw material. Hulling is carried out on ultra modern equipment ensuring germ free and hygienic end product. Mechanically hulled sesame seeds are mostly used in breads, burgers, cereals, candies, soups, and other confectionery products.. Hulled Sesame seeds are rich in proteins, minerals including calcium, irons and phosphorus. These sesame seeds are useful to control the digestive system of human beings.